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Travel time

Length of railway​

15,006 km (9,324 mi)


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Daily departures
Fastest train speed
200 km/h
Earliest departure
Popular train types
regular & high-speed


Rail transport in Sweden represents one of the most extensive rail networks in Scandinavia. The state operator SJ AB provides high-speed trains service to all major Swedish cities as well as to neighboring countries such as Norway and Denmark, which makes Swedish railways is the best travel option.

Not only fast and comfortable connections are to provide you with the ultimate travel experience but also Swedish scenery: on most routes you can enjoy natural surrounding that are out-of-this-world.

The major rail hubs in Sweden are located in capital city Stockholm, west coast Gothenburg and south Malmö. All three destinations are connected by daily X2000 high-speed train. Additionally, this train also serves Stockholm - Arlanda Airport route so you can embark on a fantastic rail journey around Sweden right after you get off your plane.


Today, there are 4 main railway lines in beautiful Sweden including the scenic Inlandsbannan and nostalgic Smalsparet. The country is just a treasure chest of fascinating opportunities for natural getaways.

​Among the most popular international routes are the ones that run through Norway and Denmark: Stockholm to Copenhagen and Stockholm to Oslo. But it's only part of the story as there are numerous picturesque cities and routes that we've collected for you. Here, you can find everything you need to know about the most popular Sweden routes, including departures, tickets, travel time, and more.


Thanks to the well-developed rail system which has been in use since far 1855, Sweden boasts modern and comfortable trains that serve more than 260 million passengers annualy.

​Passengers are offered to use high-speed, intercity, regional, and night trains as well. SJ trains provide all onboard amenities you might need during your trip including several travel classes. Down the link below you can read more about SJ trains including types, technical and other information.


From large and impressive Stockholm Central Station to small and cozy Linkoping Central Station, Sweden is dotted with different train stations. There are about 48 of them, which seems to be within you power to explore them all in several trips to Sweden! And that is another good reason to come back to this country once in a while.

​Here you can find all the important information about Sweden train stations, including their address, brief description highlighting its advantages, and the facilities you can check out while waiting for the departure.

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SJ's extensive network seamlessly connects major cities across Sweden and beyond, providing travelers with a convenient and enjoyable way to explore diverse destinations. It's the preferred choice for those seeking a swift and comfortable rail experience in Sweden.

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